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Gain a competitive edge with AlGoals advanced automatic in-play tools

Unlimited sports betting liquidity - give your customers access to VIP Super-Bets

We can turn your excess liquidity directly into profit and you can offer unlimited bets that attract VIP customers.  Monetize your undesired bets from "dangerous" clients instead of rejecting them, and provide your customers with a VIP user-experience.

Improved and adjustable live pricing and trading - higher profit margin

Offer more accurate and better risk-adjusted competitive odds using AlGoals' fully-automated trading system.

Sports trading prediction algorithms - leverage your data

Leverage your unique live data into high-end proprietary trading with your own funds (Nostro) using AlGoals' fully-automated trading system. AlGoals' trading system deploys sophisticated algorithms, statistics, machine-learning, and data-analysis techniques to help you earn more money from your data.

Lower staff costs by automating trade supervision and approval cycle

Reduce your costs by using AlGoals' reliable automated live alerting system. AlGoals' system will automatically identify and mitigate abnormal trading activity and undesired exposure.

Multi-selection Kelly based risk management software

Reduce your betting related risks by using AlGoals' system to manage your entire betting portfolio. AlGoals' automated system will assist you to avoid undesired losses and profit volatility.

Customer behavior analyser

Differentiate your customers into predefined groups with AlGoals' automated machine-learning/AI based player-profiling system. Create dynamic limits for winners, losers, VIP, etc.

Improve reputation, build brand loyalty and increase organic growth

AlGoals' fully-automated live pricing, limits, risk management, and trading tools improves your product, with better user experience. Satisfy and engage your clients to maximize their life-time value across all platforms (Casino, poker, etc.).


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